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Cardigan au crochet en bois d'olivier

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Le cardigan Olivewood est un magnifique cardigan décontracté avec une texture incroyable ! Crocheté avec un fil de coton/bambou (Coboo - laine légère de niveau 3 par Lion Brand), ce vêtement est magnifiquement drapé et agréable sur la peau. Les bords-côtes sophistiqués, les poches confortables et les belles coutures vous donneront envie de reprendre ce cardigan encore et encore ! Le motif est écrit dans la terminologie du crochet américain et les dimensions sont incluses pour les modèles Small, Medium, Large, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL et 5XL. Les dimensions finales sont :

- Tour de poitrine : (46, 50, 54, 58) (62, 66, 70, 74) pour s'adapter à un tour de poitrine réel de (32-34, 36-38, 40-42, 44-46) (48-50, 52- 54, 56-58, 60-62)
- Longueur : (26, 26, 26,5, 26,5) (27, 27, 27,5, 27,5)
- Emmanchures : (7,5, 8, 8,5, 9) (9,5, 10, 10,5, 11)

Le PDF imprimable compte 10 pages au total, page de couverture incluse. Le PDF est en anglais uniquement !

Disponible en téléchargement immédiat !

Everyone can crochet and make amazing things!

Hello stitchling!

When I first started crocheting, I ran into a few difficulties.

  • Finding it cumbersome to learn from poor quality online tutorials
  • Buying patterns then having to Google all the instructions
  • Mastering granny squares and not knowing what to try next

There were lots of crocheting blogs but many of them were defunct or posted very sporadically. I craved a space where I could ask questions and talk to people who were working on the same things I was. I also wanted to learn specific stitches and techniques and there didn’t seem to be any detailed, structured lessons on the things I wanted to learn.

I just wanted someone to curate the best lessons, patterns and content and to facilitate a like minded community of crocheters. What I needed, was a crochet coach.


What will I learn?

If you’re just starting out, just starting again or just brushing up we’ve got the foundations covered.


  • Prepare yourself to crochet
  • How to choose yarn
  • How to choose hooks
  • How to hold a crochet hook
  • How to read a ball band
  • How to hold your yarn
  • How to get into a good crocheting rhythm
  • Good crocheting posture
  • Differences between UK and US stitches


  • How to make a slip knot
  • How to make crochet chains
  • How to slip stitch
  • How to single crochet (UK double)
  • How to double crochet (UK treble)
  • How to half double crochet (UK half treble)
  • How to treble crochet (UK double treble)
  • How to double treble (UK triple treble)

Granny Squares and Beyond

  • How to make a granny square
  • Beginning a granny square
  • How to change colours on a granny square
  • How to finish off a granny square
  • How to make the Vintage Block Scarf
  • How to make the Freckles Scarf
  • How to do a pom-pom edging